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Concerta: changes and concerns (updated)

I recently listed changes I've noticed on Concerta and a set of concerns. Here is an update with a new effect and a new concern, both about the same annoyance I've noticed recently, which is nausea.

Effects of Concerta

  • Much better focus
  • Slight loss of appetite
  • Verbosity
  • More sensitivity to sound
  • Less moody
  • Nausea

Concerns about Concerta

  • Are there any potential long-term problems associated with using Concerta?
  • Will I develop a tolerance to Concerta?
  • What might be causing nausea?
  • Can I not take Concerta on weekends?

I've experienced slight nausea in the afternoons. It may be associated with caffeine intake, since I usually drink coffee in the afternoon, but I have also felt nauseous before drinking coffee. Or, maybe it takes a while to feel nauseous after drinking caffeine.

What's odd, though, is that I typically drink a pre-workout mixture that has caffeine and I don't recall feeling nauseous during or after workouts. I guess it's possible that working out prevents nausea. Hmm. Hopefully, I'll find out tomorrow morning when I see my doctor again.