Blog about personal experience with ADHD by Robert Dawson


I slept 5 hours last night. I stayed up to update my iPhone operating system to iOS 5. I love it! But I didn't sleep enough. And I feel horrible, worse than I would have expected given this relatively small amount of sleep deprivation. It feels like I've been awake for days. My body aches for sleep. This is a pattern.

Anyway, this morning, I went to my doctor for my first checkup. It helped that I prepared my observed changes and concerns. She listened, wrote almost everything I said down, and prescribed a one-month supply of 36mg, the dose I'm taking now in two capsules. And she told me that I could try 54mg if I'd like to see the effect. I'm basically experimenting on myself with professional supervision. But that's how it goes short of an MRI or other such direct brain-based observation. So, since I have only 6 18mg capsules left and already have my new prescription, I'll try 54mg one day this weekend.

She says that 36mg and 54mg are the most common doses and that I might see improvement with another increase. My two worries, I told her, are that I will have less appetite, which is now easily manageable, and that I will focus more, which, while being the point of taking the medication, can be a real problem if I focus on the wrong things. Wrong = want. Right = should.

And I asked about discontinuing Concerta on weekends. She said that some people do that, but that I might feel moody and tired. So, I'm not sure about that. My goal is to do more with less and, over time, to do more with nothing, on my own.