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Trying 54mg of Concerta

This morning, I tried 54mg of Concerta, 18+36mg. I felt slightly nauseous on the way to work and breathing seems slightly labored. And when you hear "breathing" in the context of a side effect of medication, you immediately think "not worth it." But it was not enough to make me feel that bad. It was just enough to annoy me. So, unless today is incredibly productive, I'm going back to 36mg tomorrow. Eating helped some, and I actually ate a little before I took Concerta, but, so far at least, it's not worth it.

And I slept 7.5 hours last night, so I should feel okay. Or, at least, I shouldn't feel nauseous this afternoon, if my theory holds.

I noticed this morning that I haven't been playing my usual iPhone games as much lately. I noticed because I received my second notification that a game would be forfeited if I didn't play. That's never happened. More focus? I guess so, although it could just an adjustment phase.