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Concerta: changes and concerns

Here is a summary of the changes I have noticed from using Concerta, followed by a set of concerns that I have about using it, all of which I will mention to my doctor.

Effects of Concerta

  • Much better focus
  • Slight loss of appetite
  • Verbosity
  • More sensitivity to sound

Concerns about Concerta

  • Are there any potential long-term problems associated with using Concerta?
  • Will I develop a tolerance to Concerta?
Since I have, you know, the Internet, I decided to search for answers to my concerns above. Regarding long-term problems or side effects, all I can find is a problem with growth in kids. Other than that, it seems that no one has studied the effects of taking Concerta for more than 7 weeks, which is odd given how long Ritalin has been around. Concerta was approved for adults in 2008. Thanks, Johnson & Johnson!