Blog about personal experience with ADHD by Robert Dawson

Recent observations

Here are my recent observations about my ADD.

Times distracted, associated activities, and observations

  1. In the late afternoon, I seem to have less focus. I assume this is a combination of my natural circadian rhythm and caffeine intake. Drinking more caffeine, enough to feel the boost, if that's even possible given my intake, would get me through the afternoon, but I would feel more tired in the evening.
  2. Partly because of brain training and cardio, mornings aren't as productive. So I need to do these things quicker, since the point is to help manage ADD.

Rate of distraction (1-10)

  1. I rate late afternoon distraction as 5. I still get stuff done, but it takes a lot of effort.
  2. Morning exercise gets a 3. That's because I seem more productive overall lately and I have faith that morning exercise will help.
  3. I rate this week's overall productivity as 7.

What I eat, when, and the effect, if any, on ADD

  • This week, I ate less meat than usual, but more protein in the form of powdered whey. I was more productive this week, and maybe the lack of digestive effort allowed blood flow to stay more upstairs than usual, but I can't be certain, especially since it wasn't that much less meat. But it does make sense that less time to digest allows for more mental energy. I wonder if more chewing would help. Hey, it's oral digestion!

Progress with ADD-related problems

Rapidly changing interests

This week wasn't so bad. I'm not sure why.

Inconsistent productivity

I was less productive the first half of the week, but much more productive (compared to lately) the last half. Part of that was a quick deadline. I like having deadlines. And I need structure. But not too much, of course.

And I finished a book! I finished Irrational Man. It was pretty good. I learned that I want to read Sartre.

Winding conversations

I think I'm doing better with this lately. I seem better able to stay on topic or veer less widely. I'm not sure why. Brain training comes to mind, but I can't be sure and I don't know why, specifically.


This week, I was really down one day. That was because I felt rejected by something small and ultimately insignificant. The rest of the week proved fairly upbeat.