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Piracetam - Day 1

Today, piracetam arrived from Amazon. I've tried it before, in 1999, along with Hydergine. I threw up Hydergine and felt nothing from piracetam. I don't recall how big of a dose of piracetam I took, but I do recall wondering if it might be a placebo or, in the best case, provide an undetected long-term cognitive benefit.

I ordered it again to see if it helps with focus and motivation. I've read claims of both benefits. Piracetam is often called the first nootropic and is regarded as extremely safe with little or no side effects. Maybe it's sugar. If so, it's the worst-tasting sugar on the planet.

Tonight, I took my first of two "attack" doses at around 4,200 mg. Tomorrow morning, unless I experience poor sleep, I'll take the same amount. Then, I should be able to take less, maybe half.

I'm taking it with Alpha-GPC. I've seen this advised several times, since piracetam depletes choline and the combined effect is supposedly greater than when taking either alone.

What have I felt so far? I took it around 9 pm and, about an hour later after eating something, I actually felt foggy, mostly in the sense that I felt myself visually zoning out while watching a show. Of course, I tend to do this when I'm tired, so I can't attribute it to piracetam, and the show isn't that interesting.

I do have a slight headache. But, again, this could be from piracetam, Alpha-GPC, both together, dehydration, or a number of factors.

As for cognitive benefit, I'm sitting here wondering if I would normally write this long of a post at 11:49 pm. If I feel tired, it's only slightly. And I slept around 1 am last night, getting a little over 5 hours of sleep, so I would expect to be dozing off right now. So, maybe piracetam, Alpha-GPC, or both together are reducing drowsiness. If so, great! Although, I do love sleep. And I do wonder if choline has a natural cycle in the brain (e.g., less or more at night) and if I shouldn't take it at night.

I also definitely feel calm and focused. I recall reading that piracetam is a derivative of GABA and people take GABA for stress, so maybe piracetam provides a nice calm feeling. If so, I might take it for that reason, alone, given the other potential benefits. It would be like Super GABA.

In any case, I'll sleep now and see how I feel in the morning. Hopefully, bright-eyed!