Blog about personal experience with ADHD by Robert Dawson

Recent observations

Times distracted, associated activities, and observations

  1. I didn't feel very distracted in the early part of the week while in Alabama, but every day of the six I was there provided differing stimulation, so nothing was routine. I do better with variety.
  2. I wasn't terribly productive at work, although I did feel more focused on what I was doing, whether it was productive or not, probably thanks to piracetam. Speaking of piracetam, I meet next Tuesday morning with a psychiatrist to decide what, if any, medication I should take for ADD and I'm worried that s/he will want me to stop taking piracetam. Even if s/he asks me to stop, I'm not sure I will. I want to first research and better understand how the combination of whatever ADD medication I use and piracetam affects people. Doctors are smart, but most don't know about piracetam and I expect ignorance, fear, and caution, the last of which is understandable and I certainly don't want to take any unsafe chances.
  3. I didn't have much chance to exercise this week and I worked out only one day at work. So, next week, I plan to try intense cardio every morning for at least 10 minutes.

Rate of distraction (1-10)

  1. I give this week's productivity a 6.

What I eat, when, and the effect, if any, on ADD

  • While in Alabama, I ate steak twice. I didn't notice any effect on ADD, but I don't expect steak to have such an effect, even though I do routinely ingest a lot of protein and take ALCAR, which is abundant in beef. I assume that a higher ratio of protein to carbs and fats is good for ADD due to fewer insulin spikes.
  • And I started taking casein protein last night, so that gives me even more protein in my diet. In fact, I expect to lose a little weight (not that I need to).

Progress with ADD-related problems

Rapidly changing interests

Since I spent so much time with family this week and I haven't seen them in so long, my interests were focused almost exclusively on them.

Inconsistent productivity

I wasn't very productive at work this week, but that was partly because I was recovering from a refreshing vacation, so I'm not that down about not working.

Winding conversations

My conversations were less windy than usual this week, partly due to piracetam, but also because I felt a need to stay on topic with my family to make sure we held meaningful conversations.


I felt very upbeat this week. I got to see family, my sister remarried, and my nephews rock!