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MindSparke progress

Day 23. Thanks to piracetam, the slope of my score curve has increased, turning from a line into an upward curve.

MindSparke after 23 sessions After 23 sessions, an upward curve emergesI'm apparently (could be temporary) improving faster. Piracetam works. Or maybe Alpha-GPC. Or both. Or ALCAR. Or 5-HTP. Or all combined. Or playing more than once a day, as with yesterday. Although, you would think that a break helps, as it seemed to have helped after returning from vacation. But, then, I started piracetam then, too.

Whatever the cause or the case, this is good news, assuming the effect of playing MindSparke generalizes into everyday experience and boosts my productivity or speed. Actually, I'd settle for just a faster processor.

I just hope I don't suffer the fate of Charlie in Flowers for Algernon.