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My sleep patterns

I've started using the Zeo Sleep Manager, which uses an EEG machine to record and analyze sleep patterns and wake you up at an optimum time. I love it! Before this, I used WakeMate and liked it a lot, too, for the same reasons. It's a little weird waking up with red square spots on my forehead, but I'll tolerate the fading tattoo for the ability to wake up refreshed on as little as 5 hours of sleep.

Speaking of that, in December, I averaged:

Total sleep: 6:41
Deep sleep: 1:24
REM sleep: 2:08
Time awake: 0:03
Times woken: 1

In January:

Total sleep: 6:33
Deep sleep: 1:19
REM sleep: 2:05
Time awake: 0:03
Times woken: 1

Also, the week of 1/8-14, I slept at 11:45 PM on average, while the week of 1/1-7, I slept at 1:05 AM! I think I usually sleep around 11:30 PM these days. Also, the average guy between 30 and 39 years old sleeps at exactly midnight on average. Oh, and I appear to get more deep and less light sleep than average for some reason. Of course, I've been lifting weights lately, so I would expect a lot of sleep time to be allocated towards physical recovery and rebuilding.

Lastly, here is what my sleep looked like last night. Light green is REM, dark is deep, grey is light, and red is awake.