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My LQ and BPI at Lumosity

On July 7, I joined Lumosity. I joined to help with all areas of my brain, but mainly to see if, by improving my cognition in general, I could lessen ADD's destructive influence. Lumosity's games cover such factors of mental ability as processing speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving.

Today, I received an email and Lumosity is introducing something akin to IQ called the Lumosity Quotient, where, like IQ, the average is 100. I just took their small battery of tests and here are my scores and my resulting LQ:

Attention: 106
Flexibility: 132
Problem Solving: 123
Speed: 136
Memory: 138

LQ: 137

Of course, I don't know the percentile. And I wonder if I can retake the tests or if that would invalidate their study. Then again, if they don't either prohibit users from multiple attempts or discount those attempts, then their study isn't good!

I'm proud of my LQ, but I wonder what contributed to my Attention score being so low, especially given that my highest BPI (Brain Performance Index) is in the Attention category. It's 1407, which is higher than 97% of Lumosity members. In fact, my lowest BPI is in the Speed category, which is my second highest here. Here are my BPI scores and the overall one.

Attention: 1407 - 97%
Flexibility: 1351 - 92%
Problem Solving: 1191 - 83%
Speed: 1188 - 73%
Memory: 1376 - 90%

BPI: 1302 - 91%

So, to wrap up, the difference in ranking order between LQ and BPI scores are as follows.


Attention: 5, 1
Flexibility: 3, 3
Problem Solving: 4, 4
Speed: 2, 5
Memory: 1, 2

Maybe I'm in a speedier, less attentive state at the moment? It does seem like speed and attention scores could oppose one another, since more attention might coincide with slower reaction time and less attention might coincide with impulsively clicking.


I retook the LQ tests:

Attention: 127
Flexibility: 138
Problem Solving: 121
Speed: 128
Memory: 149

LQ: 146

Attention went way up, speed when down, memory went up, and my LQ went up considerably!