Blog about personal experience with ADHD by Robert Dawson

One Busy Break

I haven't posted anything to this blog lately because I've actually been productive for a change and have been flooded with so many ideas that, between work, school, and personal projects, I'm amazed I'm still sleeping at night.

What's happened since my last update on October 27?

  1. Started working on a decade-old idea to convert between music and art
  2. Started a project management class for work
  3. Resumed making iPad art
  4. Resumed making iPhone art, mostly iPhone photo art and iPhoneography
  5. Started making music on the iPad and iPhone!
  6. Started this new website with Squarespace, to improve maintenance and centralize creative activities

I think that qualifies as busy. I know it qualifies as the happiest, most focused, and frustrated about lack of time I've been in a long while. But, overall, it feels good to be productive.

I'm not sure if I can blame Concerta for the ideas. It may be that, and hopefully is part of it or I'm just wasting money, but I think it also coincided with being busy at work and realizing that I could make progress on my conversion idea. Because of my work on this conversion, I've learned and experimented with a ton, and I will be updating that blog soon to reflect that.

The only problem I've found, which I do associate with Concerta, is another way of talking about what my prescribing doctor warned me about, which is that increased focus doesn't imply better decision making. I've found that I can focus for a long time, really in the "zone," but the downside is not having enough time to finish and not making enough time for other things. Fortunately, I haven't shriveled to a stick for lack of eating. I'm actually working out harder than ever right now with the help of a coworker.

The only frustrating thing about being on a medication getting to the end of a prescription. My doctor went on vacation or leave for a whole month in November and I'm almost out of those ingenious little time-released capsules. And I have to call tomorrow to make sure I can pick up a new prescription before I leave for holiday vacation next week. Not fun.