Turkey Day

“This is delicious. What did you stuff it with this year?” asked Tom. “Oh, you know, I just used spare parts, like the liver and kidneys for the stuffing. That way, there’s less waste,” said Cindy. “Well,” said Tom, “it sure is yummy!” “Oh, thanks,” said Cindy, “but don’t get too full. There’s still dessert. Brain pudding!” Tom placed his hands over his distended stomach. “Oh, my. I think I’ll need a little break before that!” “Oh, you’ll gobble, gobble it right up!” said Cindy as she cackled to herself.

“I didn’t know they sold adolescent humans anymore,” said Janet. “Oh, honey, don’t you remember seeing that discounted teen breast meat last week at Gobble Grocery?” asked Tom. “Oh, that’s right, honey,” said Janet. “I had forgotten about that. You know, teens make the tenderest meat,” added Janet. “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. We eat puppies.”