Improving The Visual Record

This blog provides a resource to record what I learn about photography as I practice and read about it.

2013: My Year of Photography

Nikon D5100, shown with 55-300mm lens (taken with Nikon 1 J1 18.5mm f/1.8)

2013 was my Year of Photography. After seeing that my iPhone 4S couldn't see very well in the dark and realizing that having a camera around might make realistic painting a lot easier to capture reference photos, I went to Best Buy and bought a Nikon 1 J1. Granted that I had never before then taken a serious interest in photography, I was amazed at the pictures powered by this point-and-shoot pretender.

Then, Nikon unveiled their 18.5mm f/1.8 prime! It may still be my favorite lens. Portraits with this lens amaze right out of the mechanical box. It f-stopped my heart, you might say if you were as cheesy as I seem to be at the moment.

Snap, snap, snap. My right pointer finger couldn't snap photos fast enough. But, soon, I found myself wanting a true DSLR with even more processing power and a bigger selection of lenses. After researching and finding that I might want in-camera HDR capability (I don't), I got a Nikon D5100, on sale, again, at Best Buy. I sound impulsive.

I love this camera, too. And unless it breaks, I won't buy another for some time. I need to master the camera tech before I, for example, go full frame.

I'm reading like crazy right now and my next step is to complete the challenges provided in the book, Nikon D5100: From Snapshots to Great Shots. I just finished the book but skipped the challenges in a frenzy to grasp the concepts. Now it's time to play.