Improving The Visual Record

This blog provides a resource to record what I learn about photography as I practice and read about it.

Photographing San Francisco

Living close to a big city like San Francisco provides with so many creative possibilities for photographers. From its distinctive architecture to its constant tourist activity, one will never lack for visual inspiration.

I have lived in the Bay Area since late 2002 but have only been taking advantage of San Francisco's visual wonders since 2008, with the iPhone 3G. Now I take at least a photo a week, just because it's really hard to miss the opportunities that hit you without warning as you, for example, go out for lunch.

Below is a link to some of the photos of San Francisco I have taken more recently with Nikon cameras. I started with a Nikon 1 J1 and then got a D5100. As you can see, I tend to snap photos of architecture and people. I try not to bother anyone, though, which is hard because people can be so interesting!

Photos of San Francisco