Poetry by Robert Dawson

BART Alert

Major delay
Must refrain
Stop some trains
Else, be blamed
If any are maimed
From this insane
Torrent of rain

Don't complain
Where pleasure see pain
Sun to shine again

Til then
Tell friends
Warn them

Stay in

When I grew up

When I grew up
Mental instability was a virtue
I got my rocks off
Reading Virginia Wolf
Baking in the suffering
Of Sylvia Plath

blurry daze

blurry daze of half-witted solemnity
blamed on insomnia and life-changing events
beckon my genes to unwind their constituent strands
before they unravel on their own accord

Shower poem 5

While modern communication
Works well in most situations
It increasingly shrinks
Until one day a blink
May signal silent affirmation

Shower poem 6

Ginger and Bob said hello
To mysterious Jamaica Joe
Raised on a blue mountain
You might think a wild one
Surprisingly, though, quite mellow

satin earth tones

satin earth tones
with flower patterns
suggest sadness or death

and you can't cut your hair
like a bob on a jane
it says i give up

or live with my grandmother