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Experience with Squarespace v5

Overall, I love my new Squarespace site. But here is the good with the bad.

The Good

  • Pretty!
  • Obviously took a lot of work to develop (and I can't wait for v6)
  • Very easy to maintain

The Bad and Ugly Underbelly

Only one problem: Painful customization

  • No server-side language support (or plans to provide it), which, to illustrate the problem with a personal example, prevented me from using PHP to parse an XML file from an API that doesn't support JSONP, meaning no cross-site allowance
  • No ability to insert JavaScript into the body (at least with my account), which means front-loading all JavaScript, causing needless delays until I have time to implement an asyncronous workaround like ControlJS
  • Drag-and-drop insanity, in that reordering a picture gallery via drag-and-drop is a great solution until you have over 100 images, at which point I started thinking about writing my own script to sort without so much scrolling
  • No FTP support, which is just silly from a developer's standpoint
  • Poor mobile support, since the iOS versions allow only basic blog editing, making WordPress a much better solution for those of us who want to add or edit content on the go

But, soapbox aside, despite there being more negatives than positives listed here (and that I bolded the negatives so that Squarespace staff will let me preview v6 already), I do really enjoy how I am able to create and centralize my own stuff here and plan to continue using it and finding ways to make my life easier (and pass it on, if I do)!