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Automator workflow to download specific files from URL

I've finally returned to the saving grace of Macs after over a decade and I love it! One useful app is Automator, which, as the name implies, automates tasks. This is potentially very helpful, although, after looking at all the options one night, I have to confess that I walked away wondering how I would practically use it.

Well, today, at a conference, I finally found a great use: downloading specific files, in my case .pdf and .zip files, from a URL.


  1. Open Automator.
  2. Make a new workflow.
  3. Add these actions, in this order:
    1. Get Specific URLs
    2. Get Link URLs from Webpages
    3. FIlter URLs
  4. In the "Get Specific URLs" action, set your URL.
  5. In the "FIlter URLs" action, add your filter(s). (e.g., Name contains .pdf)
  6. Run, to test results.
  7. Add the "Download URLs" action and choose a download folder.

Wait for it to finish, which could take a while depending on total file size.