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How to use phpDocumentor on WordPress (on Mac)

Here are the steps it took for me to get phpDocumentor to create documentation for a WordPress installation.


  1. Open phpDocumentor.ini*
  2. Uncomment the line (line 25 for me) starting with "memory_limit"
  3. Set memory_limit to "2048M"**
  4. Open Terminal and go to the directory above the one your wordpress installation
  5. Use phpdoc (takes a few minutes)


phpdoc -o HTML:frames:earthli -d wordpress -t wordpress/docs

* I'm using MAMP and my directory is /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/phpdoc/.
** Probably overkill; consider available RAM. For me, 1024M wasn't enough. I kept getting this error:

phpdoc FAILED: Bad environment variable $PHP (set to "/usr/bin/php")