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Facebook isn't real

This NY Times article offers one writer's thoughts on the declining relevance of Facebook, especially among teens. I rarely check Facebook and only in the hope of seeing an interesting update from family and friends. For example, Facebook is great for learning about school graduations and other important life events.

But the more common kinds of content I find include:

  • Amusing photos and links
  • Event photos
  • Opinions

Occasionally, someone posts a link to a professionally written news article, but that seems rare. Though, I also haven't caught any of my connections posting trivial drivel like about the color of their poop. That would be too overt as Facebook is clearly bathroom reading.

Each of the posts I read on Facebook contains useful information, especially in the aggregate, if only I took the time to pan for gold. It's not that I'm jaded by what I run across on Facebook as much as I'm busy living life. And I think that's the problem, for me at least. Facebook isn't real.