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Set Messages Status to Available on Startup

Maybe it's my overbearing electromagnetic influence, but I routinely encounter a problem with the Mac app, Messages, in that, if it doesn't detect an Internet connection, it changes its status to "Offline" and, because I shutdown and opt to restart with the same applications open, the status of Messages remains "Offline" when it opens, even when I try to change it to "Available." Um.

So, to solve this simple but annoying bug for Apple, download the following AppleScript script bundle and add it to your login items so it runs on startup.

Set Messages Status to Available on Startup


  1. Download to /Documents/scripts/Applescript/.
  2. Uncompress (from .zip to .scptd).
  3. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items (tab).
  4. Select the + sign.
  5. Find your script.

If you don't feel like downloading the script bundle above, just open the AppleScript Editor application, start a new script, and paste in the following code:

if application "Messages" is not running then
launch application "Messages"
end if

tell application "Messages"
set status to available
end tell