Oil Painting Blog

Blog about oil paintings by Robert Dawson

Painting ideas

These are ideas to consider painting, in order of preference at the time of last edit.

  1. Human experience
    1. Satirical objectivist series via prideful portraits.
    2. Trash as beautiful objects.
  2. Rural/advanced tech
    1. Portrait of cyborg farmer.
    2. Farmer made of 0's & 1's.
    3. Farm made of LEGOs.
  3. Information overload
    1. Paint by conditional statement (paint by number w/ 1 || 3).
    2. Neurons with calming pictures in the middle (e.g., ocean).
  4. Transformation series
    1. Animal/computer.
    2. Human/computer.
    3. Human/animal.
  5. Real-life superheroes and supervillains
    1. Ayn Rand as Superwoman (SuperRand).
    2. Hitler as monster. (related)